Tips To Experience An England Vacation

England VacationHave you ever visited the United Kingdom? This country reflects the glorious amalgamation of history, culture and art. Visit the museums, art galleries, cathedrals, castles, gardens, abbeys, monasteries and palaces for getting a thorough insight on how exactly you are surely going to make the splendid most of your holiday break.

If you hope to see everything the country of England has to offer during the upcoming holiday break then all you need to do is to opt out for the themed vacations which can let you enjoy one of the ancient civilizations with utmost glee and exquisiteness. England is undoubtedly a marvelous holiday destination which encompasses everything from mountains to the wondrous lakes. The extensive landscape offers the vacationers with a wide variety of breathtaking backdrops where you can enjoy your vacation in the most surprising manner.

When one speaks of an England vacation, it always gives an impression of how costly the affair is going to become. Many of us who dream of visiting the country during the holiday tend to remain as a dream as we think it will take a whole lot of

7 Cool Things to Do In Texas You Might Not Know About

FarmsWhen it comes to things to do in Texas, most people have heard about touring the Alamo or visiting Austin, the State Capital. But with a state as large and diverse as the Lone Star, there are hundreds of lesser-known attractions. Take a look at the following seven cool things to do, that you may have never heard about:

1. Stay in a Bed and Breakfast

So there are hundreds, possibly thousands of Bed and Breakfasts scattered across Texas. But what most people don’t realize is that finding a great one can lead to a very unique experience. Often privately owned and maintained by multi-generational Texas families, these homes can offer a historical, a haunted, or even a trendy experience unavailable at local hotels. Check with the local Chamber of Commerce for recommendations and distinctive options.

2. Farms

Farms may not first strike a chord with a tourist, but Texas is famous for its diverse farming. Many farms offer tours and kid-friendly events, as well. In Brenham alone you will find a diverse selection, including lavender farms, alpaca

The Best Honeymoon Destinations

hawaiiThe honeymoon is a celebration to mark a couple’s union. Hence, they carefully choose among ideal destinations. They decide based from their personal considerations such as finances, interests and location. They plan the occasion to ensure an enjoyable, unforgettable, and romantic experience.

If you want a remarkable event, here is the list of the best attractions you can consider:

• Hawaii

Newlyweds consider Hawaii as the top destination for their after wedding vacation. The place provides a perfect setting for a memorable adventure. It features many tropical sights such as magnificent waterfalls and beautiful beaches. Couples can explore the islands of Kauai, Lanai, Maui, and Molokai. They will never run out of things to do such as watch the sunrise, admire the sunset, and sail along the coastline.

• Fiji

Fiji is an island paradise often considered as the new Garden of Eden. The island displays a diverse collection of fauna and flora, hot springs, and fine beaches. Couples can follow the trails leading to the stunning landscape of the island. In addition, they can go to the nearby villages and discover their culture.

Luxury Holidays in Maldives

Luxury Holidays in MaldivesMaldives is one of the favourite tourist destinations and you can reach there anytime throughout the year. You can spend your next holiday by carrying on with scuba diving, and staying in the best resorts in Maldives. Here you can do snorkeling, boating, and you can also explore the new bluest heaven on the earth. It is always suggested that book your holidays in Maldives previously, because it is very difficult to arrange for spot booking in this place because of huge rush.

Popularly known for marine life, coral reefs, beaches, soft sand, crystal clear water and many more exciting features, Maldives is one of the most delightful places to visit. Known as an island paradise, Maldives is a blessing in disguise due to the rejuvenating feel it provides, calming your inner self, and giving you internal peace. You will witness infusion of different cultures that are rich and eliminating. Maldives has an incredibly rich culture comprising music and dances to enliven your spirits.

Why do you visit Maldives?

Hedonistic lifestyle is preferred and promoted for

The Best Time to Travel to Mount Everest in Tibet

Travel to Mount Everest in TibetMt. Everest in Nepal & Tibet, Travel Documents for Everest in Tibet

As is known to all, Mount Qomolangma, or Mt. Everest, is the highest peak in the world. It is 8,848 metres above sea level. In Nepal, it is often known as Sagarmatha and in Tibet it is known as Chomolungma. It is localted in the Mahalangur mountain range between Nepal and Tibet.

Mount Everest mainly attracts many international sightseeing travellers to Everest Base Camp in Tibet, trekking lovers to its southern ridge in Nepal, and many highly experienced mountaineers as well as capable climbers to approach the summit from the southeast in Nepal (known as the standard route) and the others from the north in Tibet.

If you just want to travel to EBC in Tibet, you need ask your Tibet travel agency to apply for your Tibet Entry Permit and Alien’s Travel Permit from Tibet Tourism Bureau. Then what about the weather and temperature of Mt. Everest in Tibet?

Weather and temperature of Mt. Everest in Tibet

* Best Time – May & October

May and

Why Affordable Luxury Holidays in Phuket Are Very Popular

Luxury Holidays in PhuketPhuket has become the most preferred Asian holiday destination among the leisure world travelers. The many reasons behind this popularity include pristine beaches, warm tropical sea, along with a rich culture combined with modern lifestyle. If you are looking for a combination of natural beauty and urbanization in one place then it is a good idea to opt for affordable luxury holidays in Phuket. From the people who want to have a good time in parties and enjoy the nightlife to the quieter souls who simply want to lie on the sand and bask in the sun, there is something for everyone here.

The Beaches of Phuket

The beaches of Phuket are well known for their clean sands and crystal blue waters. Most of the beaches offer adventurous water sports for adventure lovers including kayaking, diving, snorkeling and much more. The popular beaches of Phuket include Patong beach, Karon beach, Bang Tao Bay, Surin beach, and Kamala beach. The Patong beach is known for the party atmosphere that exists day and night. On the other hand Karon beach offers opportunities for shopping along with a

Four of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth

Machu Picchu, PeruMachu Picchu, Peru

Transverse to the past as you step into the iconic Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. This surreal and fantastical ancient city situated among the clouds is so stunning that describing it with the word ‘beautiful’ would be an understatement.

Perched atop the eastern slopes of the Andean mountain top with commanding views, it is believed that Machu Picchu was a secret ceremonial city during the Inca reign. With the turbulent Urubamba River running through 2000 feet beneath the mystical city, Machu Picchu was completely self-contained with monumental temples, luxurious bathhouses, grandeur palaces and approximately 150 stone houses. Machu Picchu is an exemplary case of man and nature seamlessly melded into perfection.

Kauai, Hawaii

The oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai is one of the most spectacular islands in the world. With such beautiful primeval backdrop, it is no surprise that Steven Spielburg set his eyes on Kauai for most of the Jurassic Park franchise’s film locations.

Dubbed as the “Garden Isle”, Kauai is covered with lush forests, verdant mountain range, exotic tropical plants and glorious canyons. Framed by white sandy

Spring In New York, NY Our Top 10 Things To See


If you’re a big fan of the blossoming orchids in NY, you can get a great show down in the Bronx’s Botanical Gardens. Here you will find personal tours that will take you through the pallet of all the Spring foliage, as well as the in-depth education about New York’s great plant life.


For another side of the natural beauty found in New York, you can discover one of the most unique urban parks in the country at the High Line, where an old elevated rail line is transformed into a walking tour of leisure, NY cuisine, and protected gardens with a fantastic view from above.


New York style is undeniable, this is especially true for the vintage scene, where high fashion often still draws from for inspiration or even outright reviving old pieces. At the Manhattan Vintage Clothing show, you’ll find vendors demonstrating their craftsmanship and curating of all the classic NY looks.


When the temperature rises, follow

5 Most Amazing Indian Ocean Beaches for Vacation

Havelock beachHavelock beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

These islands are found in the location where the Bay of Bengal mixes with the Indian Ocean. The islands have warm white sandy beaches with clear water. There are numerous beaches and each beach is more serene than the others. The best of all is the Havelock beach. No matter which water activity you want, you can find here. Top activities are scuba diving, boating, kayaking, surfing and many others. You can find jet piers, warm lagoons and exotic beach spots for picnicking. It is an important beach vacation for the honeymoon too. Apart from the beaches, there are a few attractions in the islands too.

Kanyakumari Beach

This beach marks the southern most point of the country. The sea water is of three colours due to differences in depth. There are many tourist activities on the beach like cruise boats, Vivekananda rock and monolithic statue of poet Thiruvalluvar. You can find a lot of shops and seafood shacks on the beach. Many water related activities are also found here. There is a flea market near the beach where

Top Gardens to Explore When Visiting London

Royal Botanical GardensWhen staying in London, you find yourself in a busy capital city with skyscrapers and bumper to bumper traffic. Sometimes, whether visiting for pleasure or business, you just want to escape, find that outdoor space where you can breathe in the fresh air and allow yourself a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle.

The great thing you will find when visiting London is how many fantastic gardens there are that you can visit and enjoy. Soak up the beauty and tranquillity they provide while absorbing the beautiful flower beds and mixture of colours. All the gardens in London are well-maintained and due to the busy nature of the city; they are very popular with both tourists and locals alike.

Royal Botanical Gardens

The Royal Botanical Gardens are an impressive three hundred acres or one hundred and twenty-one hectares of relaxation and beauty. Here you will find more than thirty thousand types of plants. The gardens date back more than two hundred and fifty years and are located in the South West of London. These gardens are more than a relaxing place to just

The Green City in the Sun

NairobiNairobi is home to thousands of businesses and more than 100 major international organizations and companies including the United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). It has established itself as a hub for culture and business. The Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) is amongst the largest in Africa and also the second-oldest exchange on the continent. It is fourth-largest exchange in Africa in terms of trading volume with a capacity of making 10 million trades a day.

The best points of Interests to explore in the capital

The elegant city of Nairobi offers a number of attractions for the tourists to savor. The nature and wildlife adorers will find a lot to their delight with numerous scenic spots such as David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (Kenya) Ltd. – Giraffe Centre, Nairobi National Park, Karura Forest, Ngong Hills, Nairobi Arboretum, Nairobi Mamba Village, American Embassy Memorial Garden, Uhuru Gardens Memorial Park and Oloolua Nature Trail.

The art and history buffs will find much to discover with the various affluent sites the capital offers such as Karen Blixen Museum, Nairobi

Six Reasons to Visit Lombok

Visit LombokBali is one of the most visited places in Indonesia, but not many know much about Lombok, which is a rare and hidden gem. The tourist inflow into Lombok is relatively lower than Bali. You won’t regret visiting Lombok for these six reasons.

  • Get close to nature

The picturesque destination, just 35 km east of Bali, is most well known for Mount Rinjani, also known as Gunung Rinjani, an active volcanic peak. In fact, it is the second highest volcano in the whole of Indonesia. Trekking to Rinjani is a popular activity. While at Rinjani, you should also visit the Segara Anak, the crater lake, and the hot springs, at the rim of the crater. Views of Bali, Mt Agung and the island of Lombok are spectacular and well worth the climb.

  • Head to the islands

Those head to Lombok go there for the beaches, largely unspoilt and picture-postcard pretty. You can also spot coral reefs at Gili Islands. There are three islands, Trawangan, Meno and Air. There is a mix of water sport, restaurants and rich

Taj Mahal

Taj MahalThe Taj Mahal, an epitome of love, in Agra is among the Seven Wonders of the World. The ambience around the beautiful edifice reverberates about the story of the inseparable companionship of Shah Jahan and his beloved wife. Standing magnificently at the bank of Yamuna River this symbol of love has been enticing couples from around the world from ages. Its bewitchery has been augmenting every day with time unlike many other travel destinations. Apart from the charisma it’s been spreading, the history behind the idea of building Taj Mahal is another aspect that adds to its allurement. Traveling here becomes a life time experience and an important part of life when one wants to bring that whiff of Love in once own life. It symbolizes the two pure souls profoundly in love with each other, who made it an immortal story. It was designated as one of the UNESCO world heritage site in 1983 and has been one of the most celebrated monuments across the world.

The visitors get mesmerized by the immeasurable beauty of this stunning monument at the first sight, ironically as Shah Jahan

Best Places in the World to Visit

Barcelona, SpainChoosing the perfect place to visit is challenging since there are many enticing places to see. Several countries highlight their elegant architecture, delectable cuisine, booming markets and popular destinations. Finding the best attractions involve your budget and preference.

Great places for a holiday should allow you to spend exciting activities throughout the day. People on the lookout for a tour at nearby or far places must consider these destinations:

• Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city, which attracts different types of travellers. You can roam the narrow alleys and streets in Las Ramblas, which is the centre of events in the city. The stretch thrives with numerous markets, pubs, and restaurants. You can even watch talented street performers as you take a sip of wine at a café. The city is the home of the renowned Spanish Architect, Antoni Gaudi. He designed iconic structures in the city such as the Church of the Sacred Family.

• Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, has preserved historic monuments and classical architecture. The city’s famous travel destinations include Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum, lakes, pagodas, parks, and

Romantic Things to Do in London

Greenwich ParkWhen visiting London you probably haven’t thought of romance, but the truth is that if you are looking for a romantic weekend break or you want to take someone on a romantic getaway, then London has quite a bit to offer.

With so many great opportunities for that perfect romantic date night, London has become one of the top choices for couples on their honeymoon or just looking to get away and enjoy some quality time together.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a large open space in the heart of London and somewhere where you will find couples picnicking under the trees. One of the most romantic ways to spend a leisurely afternoon in Hyde Park is to hire a row boat on Serpentine Lake, a man-made lake. The perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon before taking a stroll hand in hand around the lake and just enjoying the peace and tranquillity this park provides.

Another great romantic way to spend a sunny afternoon in Hyde Park is horse riding. Take the Rotten Row bridal path, enjoy the fresh air and beauty the park

The Perfect Hawaiian Date

Perfect Hawaiian DateExploring the Stunning Hawaii

Serene blue waters, warm sandy beaches, a thriving marine life and a cool Breeze – Hawaii is heaven for beach romantics. Whether you like nothing more than to laze around at the beach or go surfing, Hawaii – a state comprising of hundreds, of islands and live volcanoes, provides you with ample opportunities.

Besides beaches, there’s so much more that this holiday destination has to offer. Kauai and Maui has rainforests affluent in flora and fauna. Other attractions in Kauai include 173 ft tall Wailua Falls, Polihale State Park and the Sleeping Giant, a huge mountain used as a trekking trail consisting of a forest with silk oak, ironwood and guava trees. Its major attraction is the alluring Waimea Canyon State Park, better known as Grand Canyon of the Pacific, about ten miles long and 3000 feet deep, not many spots on earth can par with its beauty and grandeur.

The island of Oahu is home to the charming state capital Honolulu. The Waikiki beach area is famous for its glam nightlife and

Parks and Reserves in South Africa

Addo Elephant National ParkSouth Africa displays picturesque landscapes, nature parks and wildlife reserves. Many tourists visit the country to observe the wildlife in their natural habitat. It is a travel destination of breathtaking beauty and colourful history.

The country boasts of its abundant parks and reserves, which are as follows:

• Addo Elephant National Park

Addo Elephant National Park is adjacent to Port Elizabeth, which is Eastern Cape’s biggest city. The park gives you the chance to see elephants up close. The area was originally 2500 hectares during its proclamation, but it has grown to 180,000 hectares, encompassing the north and south coast. Hence, it ranks as the country’s third largest. The park is a natural habitat for buffalo, leopard, lion, and rhinoceros. You will also discover that its marine area is a home to great white sharks.

• Augrabies Falls National Park

It is a national park situated in the Northern Cape of South Africa. You will wonder with the various rock forms such as the Moon Rock, which is a dome from granite stones rising about 30 meters above the Augrabies Falls Park.

Bali A Perfect Place to Enjoy Your Dream Vacations

BaliBali is everything you can hope for on a vacation. Staying in one of the luxury hotels in Bali is bliss. The island offers a platter of all good things, from beaches to temples and paddy fields. Pick one of the Bali hotels and you are in for a joy ride.

The destination

  • If you are into beaches, don’t miss the Seminyak beach, Kuta and also Sanur. You can explore surfing, swimming and partying options while on these beaches. Seminyak has plenty of chic retail outlets, bars etc, and is one of the most happening beaches in town! Also, if you are looking for luxury accommodation from among the many Bali hotels, you should choose Seminyak. Many of the luxury hotels in Bali are located in Seminyak.
  • Do temples interest you? Bali is indeed the right destination for you then. Bali is full of temples, and you could pick a couple of them to visit, if not all of them. One of the most commonly visited temples is Tanah Lot, which is situated on a rock and offers stunning views of the waters, the sunrise and

5 Best Cultural Events in Penang

George Town FestivalPenang hosts numerous exciting events and festivals throughout the year. All the major religious and cultural festivals are celebrated in Penang just like any other state in Malaysia. The Chinese population in Penang is quite large and thus you witness numerous vibrant Chinese festivals celebrated here, which is quite unlikely in other parts of Malaysia. So, you get to enjoy the Penang International Floral festival, where flowers of various shapes, sizes and colors are displayed. This event takes place every year and attracts visitors from all over the world. In addition, several other top festivals in Penang include:

George Town Festival:

George Town festival is a month-long celebration that comprises of film, music, dance, theatre and local art. The festival was introduced in 2009 when Georgetown was listed as a UNESCO heritage site. For the whole month of August, visitors can witness a diverse range of attractions and shows apart from exploring the colorful street arts and well-preserved heritage buildings. The festive month in Georgetown offers ample time to flock over shops selling snacks, delicacies, books, local artwork,

5 Water Bridges From All Around the World

Magdeburg Water BridgeBridges are always overwhelming. Bridges help connect places that have never been connected before. Everyone drives their trucks, bikes, cars and trains over them regularly. But, what if you are told that there is a bridge for boats and ships too? Yes, it does sound a little kiddish, but humans, the greatest engineers have made that possible. Water Bridges are purely a wonder of modern engineering. They are also known as the navigable aqueduct, which exactly means a bridge that carries water and allows a boat or ship to navigate. Even a thought of this sounds unique and dactylic. Acting as connectors between channels and canals, these water bridges are incredible achievements of engineering and are certainly perfect places for fanciful and dreamlike experiences over water.

Some of the water bridges from all across the world are:

Magdeburg Water Bridge in Germany

The Magdeburg Water Bridge, the largest navigable aqueduct in the world, started in the year 2003. It is a connector between the Elbe and Havel channels, and is also a streamlined bridge cross over 918 meters.

Aqueduct Veluwemeer in Netherlands